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ZHider 2.00 Download

ZHider 2.00

License: Freeware Free
Publisher: Zinious Software
File size: 82KB
OS: Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Utilities

ZHider 2.00 Description

"Can instantly hide windows (programs) with a quick keystroke."

EditBy: ZHider is a tiny and easy-to-use utility that can instantly hide windows (programs) with a quick keystroke. Windows are hidden completely from view and from the task bar without a trace. Hidden windows can easily be brought back into view with another quick keystroke that toggles their visibilty from hidden to visible. Handy for a wide range of practical uses including removing annoying, clutter windows (too many instant messages?), holding secret messages for yourself that you don't want to save or close, protecting privacy if someone wanders by, and yes -- even hiding windows from employers.


Global hotkeys arranged for discreet use and with keystroke combinations that allow you use from virtually any keyboard (101-keys, remote connections, etc.).

Instant hide-and-add feature allows you to hide a window instantly and keep it in a list of windows to toggle hide/unhide (with another HotKey).

Launches and operates silently and with great stealth: no windows, sounds, or even system tray icon is visible.

List mode displays a fully-detailed list of all windows added to the list and a feature-rich interface for hiding, unhiding, and removing windows. You can even view the class name and window ID of each window!

No bulky install / uninstall software package. You can grab-and-go, launch from a disk, etc. without ever modifying the Windows system registry, installing files to system directories, or risking detection by modifying the existing file system.

The program file can be renamed for complete discretion.

Tiny size makes the program fast to load and easy to hide.

Includes optional Task Manager stealth, masking not only itself but any hidden applications from detection

Allows command-line instructions for launching processes silently with full support for UNC-coded network paths and environment variable expansion you can free download ZHider 2.00 now.

ZHider 2.00 Keywords

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