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100xCD 2.7 Download

100xCD 2.7

License: Freeware Free
Publisher: Vladimir Ignatov
File size: 667KB
OS: Windows 2000
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Utilities

100xCD 2.7 Description

"100xCD Cache speeds up your CD-ROM drive."

EditBy: 100xCD Cache speeds up your CD-ROM drive by caching frequently accessed data to your local hard drive. It work under Windows-XP/2000. How it works? Every time an application attempts to read data from a CD-ROM drive, 100xCD intercepts and analyzes this activity. If the application attempts to read the same data for a number of times (many Multimedia application tend to do so), 100xCD then puts this frequently accessed data chunk to it?s cache on a local hard drive. Next time the application will read this data chunk directly from the hard drive. Unlike system-provided RAM-based CD-ROM cache, 100xCD's cache can be very big (up to 1000GB) and hold data for unlimited amount of time. Modern hard drives and RAID-devices are much faster than any CD-ROM drive available on the market (in both access time and transfer rate), so the overall performance increases when using 100xCD. Freeware. you can free download 100xCD 2.7 now.

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    100xCD Cache speeds up your CD-ROM drive.
  • 100xCD
    100xCD Cache speeds up your CD-ROM drive.

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