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YahArch 1.0.2 Download

YahArch 1.0.2

License: Shareware $9.95
Publisher: Viatora Software
File size: 494KB
OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Chat & E-mail

YahArch 1.0.2 Description

"YahArch is a small utilities for Yahoo! Messenger."

Editor: YahArch v1.0 for Yahoo! Messenger


-Interface:The interface was designed to be very simple. You can navigate their archives in a short period of time and use Hotkeys to interact with them (such as saving, printing or refreshing).
-Speed:The rendering of archives is approximately 10-20x faster than Yahoo! Messenger. There are, however, other Similar applications that may outperform YahArch but do they support the same formatting capabilities?
-Message Formatting:You can toggle any of these formatting options on/off from themenu. You will have increased performance if, for example, Color Effects are disabled.
-Advanced Search :Quickly search all of your archives for certain phrases. You can select which Profiles, types, users and dates to search through and depending on your search-criteria, you could search thousands of archives in a matter of seconds! It's important to note that the more results that are displayed, the longer it will take to finish the search.
-Saving Archives:You can save your archives in eith Text or HTML format. When saved in Text format, all HTML formatting is of course removed. If you save in HTML format, you will basically have WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Note that Emoticons are directly linked to Yahoo!Messenger and to view them, it must be installed on the computer. you can free download YahArch 1.0.2 now.

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    YahArch is a small utilities for Yahoo! Messenger.

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