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License: Demo $29
Publisher: Ikitek Software
File size: 414KB
OS: Windows 2003, XP, 2000
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Chat & E-mail

sage Archiv Description

"Reads Yahoo! Messenger archive files and presents them in a format that you read"

Editor: Yahoo Message Archive Decoder reads Yahoo! Messenger archive files (.dat files) and presents them in a format that you can read.

Unlike the utility provided by Yahoo! Messenger, using this program you can decode them without connecting to the Internet as long as you have the *.dat files. Moreover, the message archive owner's password is not needed.

The software decodes normal conversation messages, private messages, conferences, and SMS/Mobile Messages to HTML or plain text, complete with time stamps, Smileys and font formatting (typeface, bold, italic, underline, font size and colors). It supports Unicode text (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and all non-latin characters).

Normally, you must be logged in to Yahoo! Messenger (using your or someone's password) to view the Message Archive. However,

If you forgot your password, but something important is in the archive (telephone number, business contact, email address, etc.)
If you want to search some text deep hidden in a bunch of archive files.
If you want to spy other's conversation or SMS (your kids, your spouse, your employee, etc.)
If you cannot stand waiting the slow Yahoo! Messenger internal archive Viewer
If you want to save or backup your conversations completely with font formatting, smilies, etc.
... you can let Yahoo Message Archive Decoder solve the problem!

Yahoo Message Archive Decoder decodes Yahoo! Messenger's Message Archive stored in your computer. It works even if you don't have the login password. If you are not connected to the Internet, you can still view the archives!

You can read other's Yahoo! Messenger chat archives, without any passwords. For example your spouse, children, lover, or anyone. To access them you have several choices. You can let them use your computer so that the chat log is stored, or just get the *.dat files (files used by Yahoo! Messenger to store messages) to your computer and read it! you can free download Yahoo Message Archive Decoder 4.4 now.

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