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Yale 1.06 Download

Yale 1.06

License: Freeware Free
Publisher: sz
File size: 124KB
OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Utilities

Yale 1.06 Description

"The window shows the bandwidth usage of all network adapters."

The window shows the bandwidth usage of all Network Adapters. Separated into up and down link. Additional the cpu usage and disk transfer rate is shown.

You can click onto the network adapter entries. This will expand them and show you the bandwidth for every used protocol.

You can place a 'port-numbers.txt' file into the same directory as 'Yale.exe' to extent the know protocols. The format is the usual rfc format.

Please note that a expanded network adapter reduces your Network Speed since every network packet is parsed by Yale. you can free download Yale 1.06 now.

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