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Yakity-YakMail 1.7 Download

Yakity-YakMail 1.7

License: Freeware Free
Publisher: Yakity YakMail
File size: 5.14MB
OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Chat & E-mail

Yakity-YakMail 1.7 Description

"Save time, create incredible impact, ensure the tone of your email is understood"

EditByBSEditor: How many times have you sent an email that was misunderstood. Unless you're a writer, probably more times than you know. That's in the past! Now you have unprecedented control over how you choose to communicate. Your emails will be alive, have Impact and portray whatever mood you choose.

By saying a few words with your email you set the tone and personalize it - enriching the experience for others. And friends don't need any special software to hear you.

By spending less time composing your emails, you'll have more time to spend on other things. Leaving a Voice Message and a few line of text is so much easier.

You'll save money on long distance calls. Send to anyone at any time - it's always convenient! It's the next best thing to talking on the telephone - you can even send a picture.

For easy reference and fast play back, a copy of all your SENT messages is stored for you on your computer.

You can record once and use many times. Keeping a library of pre-recorded messages will save you time with frequently sent emails.

Professionalism in today's competitive world is a must. Your voice has amazing impact! Use it when it really matters - it's a powerful Relationship Builder.

Also create outstanding memorable first impressions - like introductions, new product launches and follow-ups. Your voice makes it an invaluable tool for exceptional show and tell.

Spam guards and firewalls affect everyone's email! No more worrying! Yakity-YakMail IS NOT an attachment, it's just a few lines of text . So it's browser, firewall and virus checker friendly.

If you need to, you can send the same message to zillions - at one time! Your perfect solution for keeping in touch, for birthdays, announcements and the many Christmas greetings.

It's especially friendly to use! We even made sure that each button has it's own pop-up helper just incase you're unsure of what to do.

Upgrade to a Premium or Unlimited version. Both are truly exceptional value. you can free download Yakity-YakMail 1.7 now.

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  • Yakity-YakMail
    Save time, create incredible impact, ensure the tone of your email is understood
  • Yakity-YakMail
    Save time, create incredible impact, ensure the tone of your email is understood

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