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Y2K Joke 2.00 Download

Y2K Joke 2.00

License: Freeware Free
Publisher: RJL Software, Inc.
File size: 192KB
OS: Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Utilities

Y2K Joke 2.00 Description

"Y2K is a silly software program that spoofs all of the Y2K issues."

Edit By BS Editor: Y2K is a silly software program that spoofs all of the Y2K issues. It simulates fixing your BIOS, mouse, monitor, and even corrects your calendar problems by changing all letter Ys to letter Ks. If you have a sound card, it is even better because it pretends to Detect an error, and requires you to place your desktop on its side. This Y2K joke is like combining all of RJL Software's joke programs into one, and using it to poke fun of a real serious issue. This Y2K joke will have you laughing in your chair. you can free download Y2K Joke 2.00 now.

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  • Y2K Joke
    Y2K is a silly software program that spoofs all of the Y2K issues.

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