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DALC++ 1.3

License: Shareware $99
Publisher: Palisand
File size: 2.33MB
OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Development

DALC++ 1.3 Description

"C++ Classlibrary that makes connecting to a relational database effortless."

BSEditor: DALC++ is a C++ ClassLibrary that makes connecting to a Relational database effortless. It takes care of all issues of transformation Between the object-oriented paradigm to the relational model without compromising any Aspect of it. It provides automatically generated object-identities, support for bidirectional associations and a query-language in C++. It implements an transactions for both the database and the client and uses an optimistic locking strategy to make applications built with it completely multi- user.
# Easy persistency for C++ Classes
You can make any C++ class persistent by making it a subclass of the supplied class Instance and adding three simple methods.
# Support for many different datatypes
The database access library supports the following datatypes for persistent attributes: signed/unsigned int, signed/unsigned long, float, double float, bool and the supplied fullfeatured classes: String, TimeStamp and Blob.
# Simple to use bidirectional associations
The database access library supplies classes for support of associations between classes. These associations can be indicated as one-to-many relations or many-to-many relations. They are bidirectional. This means that if two instances A and B are related you can find A from B and B from A. The library will make sure these associations are always consistent. In fact it is only necessary to set one side of the association the library will set the other.
# Support for restricted or cascading removal of associated instances
One-to-Many associations can be indicated as restricted or cascading. A restricted association wil make sure that if you try to remove an instance that is related via this association to one or more other instances the removal of the instance is prohibited by the library. If the association is cascading the associated instances will be removed with it. you can free download DALC++ 1.3 now.

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    C++ Classlibrary that makes connecting to a relational database effortless.
  • DALC++
    C++ Classlibrary that makes connecting to a relational database effortless.

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