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CAD2XL Project 4.0.80831 Download

CAD2XL Project 4.0.80831

License: Shareware $10
Publisher: KozMos Inc.
File size: 249KB
OS: Windows 2003, XP, 2000, 98
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Photograph & Graphics

CAD2XL Project 4.0.80831 Description

"Data exchange/synchronization from AutoCAD table to active Excel spreadsheet"

Edit by : CAD2XL Project can automatically analysis the Border lines of a real AutoCAD draw table and try to build a representation table in active Excel Spreadsheet. The merged cells in drawn table can be detected and transferred into Excel very well.
Features in CAD2XL Project:
* Auto-display 'Tips on net step'
If you are new to CAD2XL Project, the tip message will show some useful information and guides. Since you have got familiar with them, just disable it.
* Erase selected table before create new
This is used to erase all selected table before building a new table via current active Excel spreadsheet (by calling XL2CAD Project).
* Preview update (dialog keep active)
The preview or update is a very useful feature, when we have data modified in Excel, the Preview update will show an update result but do not close Excel and CAD2XL Project. If we are not satisfied with the result, we can make further adjust in Excel without re-build the linkage again.
* Close Excel while quit
CAD2XL Project can close active Excel spreadsheet automatically and quietly if this option is on.
* Content entity type in new table
There are two versions in XL2CAD Project while creating new tables in AutoCAD. We can choose the invoked command just in the dialog.
* Cell background color
We can set different color for normal cells and AutoFill cells in Excel to distinguish them each other while modification in Excel.
* AutoFill annotation in empty cells
There are two cell types in AutoCAD table: one is cells contain content and the empty cells. Because the whole table will be transferred into Excel (different type of cells use different background colors set by user), and new data may be filled in former empty Excel cells. In this situation, the AutoFill feature will automatically record the changes in Excel and use a proto annotation to fill in the empty cells in AutoCAD table. This will really save time in AutoCAD.
you can free download CAD2XL Project 4.0.80831 now.

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