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License: Shareware $29.99
Publisher: Seinactive Software
File size: 447 KB
OS: Windows 2003, XP
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Development

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"Code Summarizer is a true map to your code!"

BSEditor: Code Summarizer is designed for programmers who are serious about improving programming performance. By nature, Code Summarizer is not very conventional. You need to read the document in order to known how to use some of the features. At the beginning, the code Map View does not seem to provide the experience that you expected. You need to develop the habit of using it whenever you need to look at different part of the code. After a while, you will know which part of the program you are at by just looking at the map view since the visualized code patterns is much easier to remember than the code itself. If you think that's too much effort to use a software like this, then Code Summarizer may not suit your need. We sincerely hope you may take a bit of effort at the beginning, and enjoy it later on.
Features: Code mapping: Code Summarizer can map any your currently open Visual Studio code files. It stays at the left side of the Visual Studio window and it is always visible. The map view make the file look much smaller in size, as much as 1/7 of it code file length without hiding any line. This makes a 300 line function in one view without scrolling. Even at this scale you still can see all significant lines. You browse through all code line that is visible on the map view. You double click on the left margin of the code map, cursor moves to the corresponding line in Visual Studio code window. This makes code navigation so easy. Zoom out/in: Like what you do with Microsoft Virtual Earth, you can zoom the map in and out by using slider controls on the map view, or you can you use mouse wheel. Unlike Microsoft Virtual Earth, there are two zooming functions: one changes font size, the other show/hide certain level of nested code blocks. No matter which way you scale it, the focal point is always on certain line, so you never lose context. Show code structure: Code map visualize code blocks and how they are nested.
... you can free download Code Summarizer 3.1 now.

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