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550Access Toolbar 3.2.01 Download

550Access Toolbar 3.2.01

License: Freeware Free
Publisher: 550Access
File size: 529kB
OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Internet

550Access Toolbar 3.2.01 Description

"Use 550 Access Toolbar to search instantly, block pop-ups and protect privacy."

The 550 Access Toolbar is a powerful tool that lets you search the web in different ways from any webpage. The toolbar is available for FREE, takes just a few seconds to download, and gets seamlessly integrated with any browser. Key features of the 550 Access Toolbar include Express Search, Precision Search, Pop-up Protector, AutoFill, Identities, and Privacy Manager. With Express Search you can search instantly from any webpage using any of the popular search engines. Google is the default choice, others being Yahoo, AltaVista, Lycos and others.

Precision Search is a unique tool that blocks online banner ads from websites and paid placement ads in search engine results. By blocking of search ads users get cleaner and much more relevant results for their search query. Blocking of online banner ads reduces the size of webpages that contain these ads, hence it takes less time for the user to open these webpages, which improves surfing speeds. AutoFill feature allows you to fill web forms automatically. The Identities feature enables users to login instantly to their online accounts. Pop-up Protector Using the smart-filtering technology, the Pop-up Protector efficiently blocks pop-up and pop-under ads. You can conveniently block all pop-ups or specify your own settings to discriminate Between desired and undesired pop-ups.

The Pop-up Protection feature can be activated or deactivated with just One Click on the toolbar. Privacy Manager 550 Access Toolbar has a unique Privacy Manager that gives you complete control on your privacy. Privacy manager allows you to erase not only the information stored during surfing i.e. history of websites viewed, cookies, your favorites, your forms and passwords, but it also allows you to erase the information on your other documents i.e. recent documents list, Recycle Bin, windows temporary folder, and more. you can free download 550Access Toolbar 3.2.01 now.

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