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@TheOffice Remote Office Connectivity 3.31 Download

@TheOffice Remote Office Connectivity 3.31

License: Shareware $5.42
Publisher: Trispen Technologies
File size: 12.03MB
OS: Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Internet

@TheOffice Remote Office Connectivity 3.31 Description

"Effortless, Affordable and Secure Remote Access and Office Connectivity."

Editor: @TheOffice.Wherever! is a focused and innovative approach to secure remote access. It enables companies with limited IT skills (mainly SMEs) to enjoy the business benefits offered by remote access to their office resources via any type of Internet connection in the easiest and most secure manner possible.

Where traditional remote access solutions are merely add-ons to complicated and expensive technologies, such as firewalls and routers, @TheOffice.Wherever! was designed to achieve one goal only – secure remote access.
@TheOffice.Wherever! Gateway

The gateway manages access to the network. Installed on a standard Windows 2000 or XP workstation or server and located in The Office LAN, the Gateway consults with the Windows domain controller to verify that users can enrol and connect. A Windows domain user can only register for Secure Remote Access if they belong to a group of users authorised by the System Administrator.

Gateway Configuration

Controlling UsersThe Gateway software is quick and easy to install. One configuration screen is all it takes to get you going.

Controlling Users

You can control who connects, but there's no need to manage a separate user database.

@TheOffice.Wherever! Client

The client runs on most Windows operating systems starting from Windows 98 SE. Users can download the software from this web site or it can be installed from CD-ROM. The user interface is Simplicity itself:

A simple, three-step registration process gets the user going. Users receive a welcome Memo (gateway generated) with enrolment information.


Connecting to the office network is as simple as selecting the connection profile and your personal pass-phrase. you can free download @TheOffice Remote Office Connectivity 3.31 now.

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