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License: Shareware $45
Publisher: D-Bross
File size: 2.02MB
OS: Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
Date added: 2009-10-27
Category: Chat & E-mail

Instant Description

"Connecting with others via Instant Messenger (IM) is faster."

Connecting with others via Instant Messenger (IM) is faster, more efficient and less expensive than traditional communication options. You can easily verify who is available online and eliminate downtime. This makes Instant Messaging an ideal and nessesary business tool.

Using public IM like MSN, AOL, ICQ or Yahoo is one opportunity - they are free and still good enough. But there are risks associated with them, because they are not designed to meet security and privacy requirements of the business. These requirements are imposed by the high sensitivity of corporate data. Some of the problems are:
Confidentiality - Information exchanged over the public IM can leak to anyone globally. Unencrypted data sent over the Internet can be intercepted and read by third parties.

Security - Any user can contact you or your colleagues (employees). There is no way to manage, authenticate and authorize your organization users.

Viruses - IM is a target for viruses and spyware. IM is also widely used to distribute such security threats.

Here Brosix comes to help. With Brosix, companies benefit from all the advantages of Instant Messaging and at the same time they avoid most of the flaws of the free IM solutions.

By using Brosix Corporate Instant Messenger you get:
Your own private network - by registering for Brosix, you create your own private network, hosted on our servers. You can easily manage it via the web-based Administration Console. You have full control who can use your network. You can manage users' contact lists, block users etc.

Ensurance the authenticity of network users - by using a private network you can be sure that the messages, files, video/voice requests are only from authorized users within that network. This is a way to narrow the communications of your employees to business purposes, which will keep them away from different kinds of Internet security threats and attacks - viruses, trojans, spyware etc. you can free download Corporate Instant Messenger 1.6.0607 now.

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